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Nevada State Prison Roleplay - Become a Helper Empty Nevada State Prison Roleplay - Become a Helper

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:24 pm
Nevada State Prison Roleplay - Become a Helper ZQD6SQV

You ever wanted to be part of our staff? This is your chance, you have the opportunity to be part of us now. We are looking for active players who are ready to contribute, show dedication and help us and the players as much as they can. If you like to help the server and help us, continue reading below for the duties and requirements.

• Helping players; helpers have the ability to answer the questions players ask on /helpme, they have to answer it and give information related on the question.
• Beta testing; the development team continues to work on the script improvements and new features, helpers are the ones that will test them out and try to find bugs.
• Specific helpers will be chosen to moderate some boards, make sure you have basic knowledge about several boards.

• You must be able to write and speak English fluently.
• You must be active in-game and be level 3+
• You must be a good roleplayer and have good knowledge about prison roleplay.

• If you think you have what it takes to be a helper you feel free to apply.
• All helpers applications should be PM'ed to Blox
• Meanwhile sending the application make sure you put your in-game name on it.

Application Format:
• The format below is the one you must use to apply as a helper.
Accepted - congratulations you have been accepted, your next step is to contact a lead administrator + in game/discord to get your rank.
Pending - your application has been pending which means there is something you need to fix on your application - you'll be told about it on PM.
Denied - you have been denied, this doesn't mean you will never be accepted you can apply the next time.


[b]In game name(Name of all characters):[/b]
[b]Discord name:[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be a helper?[/b]
[b]Why should we choose you and not somebody else?[/b]
[b]Have you ever been part of another admin/helper team in another server, if so list them?[/b]
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