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on Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:43 pm
The server opens tomorrow; our gamemode isn't perfrct and I'm sure there are bugs in-game. In case you found a bug do not hesitate to report it, that's what is going to improve the gamemode and make it better to play. We appreciate every bug you guys report, it really helps us improve. If you have found a bug report it on it's section and use the right format.

Like I stated above our gamemode isn't the best another way you can help us improve it is by making suggestions. If you have any suggestions that you think would fit the server good and would help us, you can make a suggestion on it's section. The development team and managment is going to look at it, if it fits our gamemode we're going to add in-game.

As for now we'd like to thank you for joining our community and playing our server. We wish you best of luck and enjoy the time you spend on this community, we are going to try and make this server the best time to spent time on.

Bug Report section - Click Here
Suggestion section - Click Here

EPRP Managment & Development
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